Shipping and delivery

We always strive to deliver our products to you in an inexpensive, quick and environmentally friendly way.

Shipping prices to India

Gift certificates, measurement tape, fabric samples and other light goods $2
Clothing and heavier goods $30

We always offer free shipping when ordering for at least $500

Delivery times

Our delivery times are estimated and updated daily and are based on current production capacity and queues.
If we need to contact you regarding your order, the delivery time will be delayed until we receive an answer from you.

Estimated delivery time to India

Shirts 8 days
Suits and suit jackets 11 days
Chinos 7 days
Polo shirts 8 days
T-shirts 8 days
Fabric samples 13 days
Fitting samples 7 days
Accessories 4 days

Please note that the above mentioned times are estimated and that your delivery time may vary. We are putting all our efforts into delivering your order as quickly as possible.

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