Morris - suit fabric

A soft and gentle herringbone 100% wool fabric in a classic and elegant anthracite colour


Norwich - suit fabric

Stylish and lively sand coloured 100% twill wool fabric with a light feel.


Belfort - suit fabric

Belfort is a light wool fabric for suits and blazers. Choose between pink, three great blue nuances and moss green.

Brown windowpane men's custom bespoke suit

Fine custom mens suits - expert tailoring

Trust us to tailor your new suit. Our experienced tailors will stop at nothing to give you:

  • A perfect fit - always made-to-measure with fit guarantee
  • Highest quality fabrics, materials and craftmanship
  • Finely tailored suits with an individual touch - made for you.
Sewing machine for custom men's suit

Custom made - to your measurements

With our unique suit customizer, you can easily create a suit that perfectly matches your personality.

Tailored to your individual measurements, we dare to guarantee a perfect fit - every time.

Sewing machine for custom men's suit

The key elements to a top quality suit

A new pattern is created for each individual wearer

Our suits are carefully made by our skilled tailors. They create a unique pattern based upon your measurements and chalk it directly upon the fabric of your choice.

Sewing machine for custom men's suit

Canvassed, not glued

The canvas is a layer between the suit fabric and the lining. The purpose is to give the jacket its shape and our good quality canvas is made from the finest horsehair. Test your suit jacket by pinching the fabric slightly in the front. You should feel the extra layer loose on the inside, if the canvas is hand stitched. Otherwise, it’s glued. This means that the suit fabric is fused with glue on the inside.

Sewing machine for custom men's suit

The suit’s shoulders hug yours

The suit jacket’s shoulders should gently hug yours. The shoulder pads are manually attached. We have also added a small top shoulder canvas. This helps the jacket to encase your shoulder even better and create the perfect structure. Another small enhancement is the new use of cotton tapes, to strengthen the shoulder seams.

Sewing machine for custom men's suit

Functional cuffs

A top quality suit jacket has functional cuffs. Choose to leave the last button unbuttoned to signal the high quality of your suit.

Sewing machine for custom men's suit

Fabric library of nearly 100 quality fabrics

A good quality fabric helps the suit keep its shape. It should never be of 100% polyester. Some wool in the fabric will keep you warm.