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Why should I wear a black shirt?

A black shirt is an essential part of any contemporary wardrobe. Unsure what to wear to the club, cocktail bar, or a first date? Button up your tailored black shirt for effortless style. A black shirt pairs well with just about any outfit whatever the colour scheme or occasion.

Black shirt with a suit

Always flattering, pair your black dress shirt with a dark tailored suit for an elegant contemporary look. Take your tailored black shirt to the next level with a tighter fit fabric like lycra or Amadora. Whether you wear your black shirt with a suit, sports jacket or just on its own, make sure it’s made to measure for maximum impact.

The casual black shirt

When it comes to casual black tailored shirts, try matte fabrics like Oxford or Twill for a comfortable and stylish edge. Modern low collar or button-down collars are particularly popular choices for our contemporary casual black tailored shirts. Whatever your preference, you’ll feel comfortable, cool and confident.