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Custom Tailored Suits

Starting at $349

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Custom Tailored Suits

Starting at $349

Create a suit

The only suit you’ll ever need

A classic piece made modern

A custom-tailored suit is much like a piece of art. We create custom-tailored suits of supreme quality with your unique fit in mind using cutting-edge technology.

Your suit, your style

Creating custom-tailored suits that breathe your style has never been easier. Using our advanced design tool, you get to craft your suit from scratch with a perfect fit guaranteed.

No-hassle measuring

Gone are the days when shopping for custom suits was a hassle. Using our game-changing fitting samples, you're guaranteed a perfect fit from the very start.

Superior fabrics and quality

A custom-tailored suit is nothing without a great fabric. We offer a large selection of high-quality suit fabrics to cater to your every style need.

So, what’s a fitting sample?

To put it short, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A fitting sample is used to ensure that the fit, size, and specific design options are on point before the final product is produced. The fitting sample is created using raw cotton canvas, which gives it its signature simplistic look. With this process, you’re guaranteed a perfect result while getting the opportunity to provide your feedback before your final garment is produced. Since the sample is made for you only, we’d love your personal thoughts and feedback, this is where the fitting sample comes in handy. The fitting sample is included in the pricing of the suit.

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Custom-tailored suits made easy

Discover the beauty in a suit tailored to your measurements and preferences. Create the suit of your dreams using our advanced design tool and experience a fit, comfort, and look like no other.

Create a suit

Custom-tailored suits made easy

Discover the beauty in a suit tailored to your measurements and preferences. Create the suit of your dreams using our advanced design tool and experience a fit, comfort, and look like no other.

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You're in good company.

We love our customers, and they seem to love us right back. Find out what they've got to say about us.

Great experience. Loading your saved measurements could be tweaked to make easier. Shirt fit great and fabric of high quality. Enjoyed getting photos of shirt's progress.

Shirley A.

What about returns?

Returns can be a hassle, both for you and the environment, so we ditched them. Instead, you can either keep, give your garment to a friend or donate it to charity after we've helped you achieved a perfect fit.

We're with you all the way

We're here to help you with everything from fit issues to style advice, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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A no-b*llshit production

Shopping for high-quality clothing with a clean consciousness has never been easier. We keep no stock, creating minimum waste as we make use of every piece of material, and we make sure to compensate our tailors fairly. Say goodbye to untenable mass production and hello to a smarter way of shopping for your clothes.

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The key elements of a quality suit

Our suits are carefully made by our skilled tailors. They create a unique pattern based on your measurements and chalk it directly upon the fabric of your choice.

Canvassed, not glued

The canvas is a layer between the suit fabric and the lining that gives the jacket its shape. All our quality canvas is made from the finest horsehair. To test your suit jacket for this feature of excellence, pinch the fabric slightly at the front. If the canvas is hand stitched, you will feel an extra layer loose on the inside. If not, this means the suit fabric has been fused with glue. 

A perfect fit - always made-to-measure with fit guarantee

Highest quality fabrics, materials and craftmanship

Finely tailored suits made with a personal touch.

The suit’s shoulders hug yours

The suit jacket shoulders should gently hug and encase yours, creating the perfect structure. To achieve this, our suits feature a small top shoulder canvas, and pads are manually attached. A further subtle enhancement is the use of cotton tapes to strengthen the shoulder seams.

A hundred and more quality fabrics

A good quality fabric helps the suit keep its shape. All of our suit fabrics contains wool which provides both comfort and a tailored finish. Using wool in combination with other fibers such as linen, silk, polyester or viscose creates different structures and expressions in your suit. This makes it easier than ever to create the suit of your dreams, wearable for all those types of occasions you have in mind. Explore our large range of suit fabrics and start creating the suit of your dreams today.

How long does it take to make my custom-tailored suit?

There are some things in life you shouldn’t rush, and greatness is one of them. Since our suits are designed and made explicitly using your measurements, please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for both fitting sample(s) and the final suit.

How to order your custom-tailored suit

The fitting sample is included in the pricing of the suit

Measuring - Create your unique measurement profile in seconds. It doesn't get easier than this.
Design and order your suit - we'll send you a fitting sample for free
Time to test the fitting sample + communication with customer service
Delivery of the finished garment
Get started

Create your measurements

Create your unique body measurement profile in just seconds. All first-time purchases are covered by our Perfect Fit-guarantee..


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