Custom tailored dress shirts, suits and more

Discover true personalization.

Create your shirt

Custom tailored dress shirts, suits and more

Discover true personalization.

Create your shirt

No risk. No worries. Just a perfect fit.

Our comprehensive, no-fuzz, Perfect Fit Guarantee takes the worry out of ordering our dress shirts.
We won't give up until you are satisfied!

How does the fit guarantee work?

Measuring for your dress shirt the easy way

Get smart. Get measured. Forget measuring tape and old-school tools, download the Size:Me app for free and get your measurements within minutes. The app calculates your measurements using two images along with your height and weight.

"The size me app was spot on and the clothes are of high quality and hold up really well in the hectic world of teaching. It’s my go-to place for dress shirts now"

- Franklin

Changing the game. Embracing individuals.

We see a flawed industry in need of change. Are we all really supposed to fit into the same mold? Massive overproduction of dress shirts in poor-quality off-the-rack sizes is outdated. What if we could show you a smarter way of shopping? No more off-the-rack, mass-produced items - just really great, personalized dress shirts made to embrace individuality.

Make it fit.

You’re one of a kind, so why shouldn't your dress shirts be? A made-to-measure shirt from Tailor Store isn’t just another dress shirt for men - it's an experience tailored only for you. Forget everything you thought you knew about sizes and fit. We do true made to measure. Your personal measurements are always front and center to create your own ideal fit.

Make it personal.

You want it - we’ve got it. Discover the true potential in custom shirtmaking with nearly unlimited design options. All our fabrics, accessories and designs are carefully selected to give you superior quality dress shirts at the best possible price. The outcome is a dress shirt made just for you, with your personally chosen details.

Make it right.

No shady business. Just really good dress shirts. Our tailors take pride in every step of the craft, cutting, sewing and stitching made-to-measure shirts with the utmost precision and care. Feel as good as you look knowing that your garment is made with sustainability in mind by well-compensated workers.

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Choose your price.

What is a high-quality dress shirt worth to you? Choose between different price ranges all ensuring an unforgettable experience. From the essentials to high-end fabrics, we’ve got you covered with everything you’re looking for.

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The Tailor's Guide

Discover the true meaning of Made to measure

Ever wondered what’s really the deal with customized clothing? You might even think it’s not that much of a big deal. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. We’re big fans of the phrase “it’s in the details” because that’s essentially what we do. We craft every little detail into perfection in order to create the ultimate fit and feel to your dress shirt. Once you’ve experienced perfection, there’s simply no turning back.

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The people behind your dress shirt: Malinda

Malinda is our go-to person for daily target calculations, balance sheets, and essentially all things production-related. Let’s check in on him and his day-to-day tasks!

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Washing your Easy iron dress shirt

Easy iron dress shirts are easy to wash and iron because of a special finish used to treat the fabric.

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Tailor store is a brilliant service. If you go to the small amount of effort to take your measurements you will end up with beautifully made clothing that fits you perfectly. Material is excellent and build quality is excellent. They will even occasionally be able to send you photos of your clothing being made. Highly recommended!!

Chris C

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